Nederman is a global company which offers products and solutions within industrial air filtration that meet high expectations on quality and profitability. At Nederman, I work as a marketing assistant for Nederman Nordic. I help them write blog posts, social media updates, search engine optimization and much more for Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Vallgårdens Golfklubb

Vallgårdens Golfklubb is a golf course located in the southern part of Sweden. I have worked with the for the last couple of years with several marketing related tasks.

Ferret UF

This project turned the company into a company that sold shirts on demand. We worked with them for about a year and helped them with all their designs. We have taken pictures for their Instagram, made their logo design, business cards and more. The annual report is a summary of the entire year and shows everything about the company.

ASG Trädgårdstjänster Syd AB

This project was done for a company that offers gardening services such as to cut hedges, lay tiles, etc. A very fun project where we stitched together their entire brand from scratch with both logo and website.


Finansgrabbarna is a project that I run with a partner since the beginning of 2020. We run a blog where we write about finance and savings. I have done their entire branding and website as well as articles for the site. I also produced videos for YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.