Mobile Photo Editing

Today I am writing a blog post on how to edit photos on mobile without having to spend money on an expensive camera, any expensive applications or apps.

What you need to have to be able to do this is a mobile phone that most people probably have already and use as your primary source to take photos.

To make this a little more fun you can keep up with yourself and do this step by step that I explain. Start by taking one of your new photos or a photo that you are displaying (which is not already edited).

1. Download the Focos app and then open the app. Import the image you want to edit and tap where you want your focus on the image. Then change the size and shape of your focus until you are satisfied. After you have done this, you can save the image again.

2. Download the Lightroom Mobile app and edit your image. Play around with light, color and other features. When you have finished editing, you can save the image and see the final result! You can also save the settings you had on your image in the app to make future images look similar!

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